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Ross Johnson co-founder of 3.7 Web Designs, looks at things YOU should know about web design and the internet before starting your web project. Designed around providing information to companies who want a webpage but know little about it.

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I havn't updated much because I have been quite busy -

I often struggle with companies that are developing websites that are not doing a great job or are less prepaired for the job. Obviously I am going to be biased, but I really work towards making the best site possible for my clients. I spend most of my days working and learning, so that I am better prepaired to help my client.

However, I am working on several big projects lately. I just finished Hideaway Lanes, a condo/townhouse development in Ann Arbor. I will be working on Dwell Realty and Developement, an Ann Arbor Real Estate Company. Finally tomorrow I will be working on a website for Kingsley Lane Lofts, a loft living development for downtown in Ann Arbor.

In the meantime, I also wrote an article on easy content management design using server side includes.

posted by Ross Johnson at 4:27 PM


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