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Ross Johnson co-founder of 3.7 Web Designs, looks at things YOU should know about web design and the internet before starting your web project. Designed around providing information to companies who want a webpage but know little about it.

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Blog has moved!


Only took about half a day, and of cource delayed the launch of my Company's redesign.. however wordpress is a much easier to work with, and actually suports linked javascript! Woohoo! Users reading this in IE will be surprised at how different the versions look. You can now visit the site at http://www.3point7designs.com/blog or http://web-design-blog.3point7designs.com Which ever is easier to remember.

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Leaving Blogger

I am going to be moving my blog away from this site, soon. A combination of IE 6 not supporting fixed backgrounds, and Blogger not supporting the IE7 javascript spured the thought process; the ability to catagorize articles, and the slightly more professional look of a wordpress blog sealed the deal. I will transfer all my articles over, so stay posted no content will be lost!

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Ann Arbor, meet your new tenant... Google


Google Moves in

By Ross Johnson

According to ArborUpdate, Internet Giant Google is moving into my home town of Ann Arbor. Although the timeline details still remain a mystery, I can only imagine that the reason behind their choice in Ann Arbor as a local is simply how "plugged-in" Ann Arbor is as a city.

However - Ann Arbor has never been viewed as an Alternative to San Francisco, Silicon Valley, nor New York.

Although Ann Arbor has some critics, it has always been viewed by large as a technologically advanced city. This no doubt having a large contribution from the University of Michigan. However - Ann Arbor has never been viewed as an Alternative to San Francisco, Silicon Valley, nor New York.

With one of the internet's largest corporations moving in, what does that spell for Ann Arbor?

With 1,000 new jobs directly related to the Internet and Technology, one can only assume that Michigan's Tech town will get "Tech-ier". Will Ann Arbor become an Internet City, much like Detroit is the Motorcity? I doubt it. However it will inspire people to learn more about the internet quicker than they have before. In order to keep with the times, I see people discussing barfable internet buzz words such as "Web 2.0" and "User Experience Design".

And what is Google's future?

Reports show that Google's large library of online applications are relatively unused compaired to the amount of people who continue to use it as a Search Engine. While this is good for the google AdWords campaign (which is what the center in Ann Arbor will focus around), it presents a struggle as to what sets them apart from the evergrowing Microsoft Venture, MSN. Microsoft, with a relatively unlimited budget, has also started providing very relevent results and has a pay per click Ad Campaign in beta at the moment.

Speculations aside, it is hard to imagine that Google moving in won't make an impact on the city; Even though the city already houses giant tech corporations such as Cisco Networking Systems. I am looking forward to it, although coutiously.

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