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Start you Search Engine Optimization EARLY!


When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, you need to start NOW!

Through working with companies with Search Engine Optimization strategies, it has become apparent that the earlier you start your SEO the better. It can take months for your site to get listed on goggle, and even longer to start building a worthwhile page-rank.

Many companies promise listings with in days, top ranking sites with in weeks, and the number one ranking for life. What companies will soon realize as this industry grows, is that those are buzz words for SEO con artists. They want you to pay them, and they claim they will get these results, but the truth is that NO ONE CAN GET THOSE RESULTS!

You can't buy your way to the top, it takes time and effort. There are plenty of strategies and techniques to increase your pagerankings, and that is why it is important to employee a SEO company. However - if it were that easy to get the number one position, everyone would have it.

So because you can't just buy your way to the top, or quick results, you have to start early. If you have a lunch date for a website, you should start at least a month before on your search engine strategy. This is especially important for sites that have sales time in mind, such as Real Estate Developments, Online Shops, etc

This seems impossible to do! How do you start optimizing before you have a webpage!?

It actually is quite basic and simple. Create a very simple front page, with the sole purpose to act as a press release. Fill it with a few paragraphs of optimized copy, and give it a title that also is keyword rich. Chances are no one is going to stumble upon it, as it is not going to be showing up in search engines at this point anyways. This way the search engine will already start indexing your site for some keywords.

From there, you can start submitting articles, gathering back-links, etc to point to that page. People who do go there will read about what is to come, and your PR starts to rise.

The end result is by the time your page is live, it is already searchable by engines. You don't have to wait three months before it does you any good.

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